Friday Assembly:

Every Friday morning we gather as a 
Each class presents an assembly and 
a most enjoyable start to our Friday 

Our Maths Minion Awards and our 

Today assembly was performed by Ms. Hoey's 3rd Class. They presented a wonderful adaptation of the story 
' The Ugly Duckling' and focused on the importance of 'Change' and how to embrace change. 

It is a very important message which was wonderfully delivered by the 3rd Class pupils. It left was all with something to think about!

Well done 3rd Class


In assembly today Mrs.O'Driscoll's Senior Infants told us all about Special Places.

They also recited a poem by Christy Kenneally with Ms. Duignan.

Well done Senior Infants!


At today's assembly, 6th Class presented the Easter story through the use of the Stations of the Cross.

Thank you 6th Class!


This morning 3rd Class spoke to the school about the importance of making time for each other and enjoying every moment with the people we love. 

It certainly helped to make us think about prioritising the important things in life, our family and friends!

An excellent lesson, so well told.


What a treat we had in assembly this morning when Ms. Garry's wonderful Junior Infants reminded us the importance of 'Our Hands!'

They told us about all the special people who use their hands to make our community so special; the baker, the postman, the artist, the doctor, the firefighter....

They also sang a lovely action song! 

Thank you Junior Infants!

whole school to take part in assembly. 
delivers a special message for us all. It is

Active Awards are also presented!

Mrs. Murray's 1st Class delivered the message of caring for the environment in today's assembly and reminded us how important it is to care for the people and the creatures around us. 

They recited a lovely poem "Water" and sang "He's got the whole world in his hands". It was a lovely way to begin our school day!

Well done 1st Class!


In assembly today Ms. Garry's Junior Infants told us all about St. Bridget.

They told us about the story of St. Bridget and a sang a lovely song.

It was a delightful start to our Friday. Well done Junior Infants!


Ms. Ryan's 4th Class today presented an assembly outlining the importance of embracing difference.

 A very important lesson for all of us!


Mrs. O'Driscoll's Senior Infants reminded us about the importance of "Home",our home being where we live and grow and where we share special times with our family and friends.

They told us the story of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

Thank you Senior Infants!


We had our own Eurovision with the words of Dana and Johnny Logan ringing out in the assembly hall this morning. Ms. Lynch's 6th Class explained the reason behind the origin of the song contest and presented the important message of 'Unity' to the pupils.

Fr. Ted's Eurovision entry even made an appearance!!

Thank you 6th Class!