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1st & 2nd Class:

Gaeilge in 1st & 2nd Class:

Up to now the focus has been on conversation and making the child feel confident using Gaeilge. Comprehension, however, is seen as the main focus of the curriculum 1st & 2nd Class. There is also a move away from 'teacher lead' lessons and the emphasis moves more towards child-to-child interactions. The child find this very enjoyable as they begin to see they can communicate with each other in a language other than English, thus building the foundations of confident, proficient and keen Irish speakers.

There are four main areas of focus in these classes:
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing.

  1. Listening: There is an increased focus on aural exercises which help the child to 'train' their ear. They will learn how to recognise words they have already learned which they will then need to use to try and work out what a section of the CD is all about. This is all in preparation for more advanced aural tests they will encounter in secondary school.
  2. Speaking: There is also an increased emphasis on spoken Irish in these classes. The correctness of the language will not be the focus; rather, the emphasis is on ensuring the children have the capability to be understood by their peers.
  3. Reading: The class reader is not a feature in these classes. The emphasis is primarily on listening and speaking. Reading is only gently introduced at this age by means of a comprehension series of pre-reading activities. By the end of 2nd Class, your child may only be able to read short passages in Irish but they will be very confident with using the language.
  4. Writing: In a similar process to reading, writing is also introduced on a gradual basis. At this stage the children will write words and simple sentences that they can recognise by ear. Their reading and writing skills complement each other and are led by their speaking and listening skills.
 English in 1st & 2nd Class:

There are four areas in the English curriculum:
  1. Receptiveness to language
  2. Competence and confidence in using language
  3. Developing cognitive abilities through language
  4. Emotional and imaginative development through language

Maths in 1st & 2nd Class:

The Maths programme in 1st and 2nd Class follows a set sequence, building on the foundations already established in the junior classes. There is an increased emphasis on the children's use of mathematical terms and language at this level. The teacher continues to introduce new vocabulary which helps the children to talk about their sums in a whole new way.

The curriculum is divided into the following five areas:
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Space and shape
  • Measures
  • Data

History in 1st & 2nd Class: 

History in 1st and 2nd Class continues to build on the foundations laid in Junior and Senior Infants where the children were encouraged to examine history from their own perspective. In this way,children being to work as mini historians, uncovering clues about their own past and at the same time getting to grips with concepts like change and continuity.

The history curriculum in 1st and 2nd comprises of three main areas:
  • Myself and my family
  • Change and Continuity
  • Story

Geography in 1st & 2nd Class:

At this level in Geography, the aim is to provide the children with an understanding of the key natural and human features of their immediate locality. They will then build on this knowledge in later years, as they broaden the scope of their study. Through the teaching and learning of the three main areas of human environments, natural environments and environmental awareness and care, the children will begin to develop and understand the key geographical skills and concepts. 
  • Human Environments
  • Natural Environments
  • Environmental Awareness and Care

Science in 1st & 2nd Class:

The teacher will build on the basic skills and topics covered in the infant classes, but the content will broaden. There four main areas that will be covered are:
  • Living things
  • Energy and forces
  • Materials and Environmental awareness and care

Visual Arts in 1st & 2nd Class:

In 1st and 2nd Class, activities in the area of Visual Arts be still be based around the child's own experience and imagination. The topics which are covered are:
  • Drawing
  • Paint and Colour
  • Print
  • Clay
  • Construction
Music in 1st & 2nd Class: