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Punctuality and Attendance

Unless a child is ill etc s/he is expected to be punctual and to attend school everyday. Good school attendance is crucial to your child’s progress. We strongly discourage parents taking children out of school to go on holiday. 

It should be noted that your child will be supervised from 9.10 a.m. until the buses arrive in the afternoon. Children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians outside those times.

We ask that you collect your child on time and that you never allow him/her to leave the school to go to the car unsupervised. Also, the teacher should always be informed if someone other than a parent is collecting a child. A number should always be given to the teacher/secretary where a parent/guardian can be contacted at any time during the school day.

Junior Infants may be accompanied to the classroom by a parent/guardian until they feel secure enough to come in on their own. This often happens more quickly with children than with parents! By December of their first year all children should be capable of walking from the school gate to their classroom on their own!