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School Philosophy


(To see our administration policies on Homework, Internet use,  Discipline etc please look at our website: www.stackallenschool.com under “School Policies”) 

OUR VISION is that of a caring, loving Catholic School where all children, whatever their ability, race or creed are cherished for their uniqueness.

Our School seeks to give equal opportunity to all children to reach their full potential – academically, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally. 

We endeavour to achieve this goal in a climate of positive co-operation, supported by the entire school community of pupils, teachers, support staff, parents/guardians, Board of Management and Parish. 

OUR MISSION. The staff of Stackallen seeks actively, through word and action, to create a happy climate of physical, emotional, social and intellectual security for students, staff and parents/guardians. In this way teaching and learning can take place within the context of mutual valuing and respecting relationships. 

The teachers of Stackallen N.S. see education as providing students not just with knowledge and skills but also enabling them to develop as all-round individuals, confident in their own abilities and respectful of others. 

We believe each child has a unique and special contribution to make. We believe every child matters. 

We strive to develop independence in our students together with the ability to self- evaluate, self- motivate and internalise discipline. We want our students to be happy with themselves, others and their world. 

We want our pupils to enjoy school. 

We endeavour to achieve quality in all that we do. 

These aspirations can only be achieved through the co-operation of students, teachers, support staff, parents/guardians, Board of Management and Parish. 

OUR ETHOS. We seek to promote an ethos which is: 

Welcoming, tolerant, open, listening, safe, caring, inclusive, aesthetically pleasing and fun. 

We are proactive in our efforts to achieve this environment through our language and our actions. The teachers see parents/guardians as partners in this process.