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The First Year

Starting school is a milestone in the life of your child. 

You can help to make this transaction easier by providing safe opportunities for him/her to spend time away from you and with other children in order to learn how to share and take turns. 

You are welcome and indeed encouraged to bring your child to the school before September to acquaint him/her with the surroundings. We do not have an official introductory day in June but you may bring him/her to their new classroom at 2.15 p.m. any day to have a look at the classroom and talk with the teacher. A more formal introduction will take place on the first two days of September (see below). 

All children are different: 

In school we encourage each child to do his/her best through individual, group and whole-class activities. All children learn at their own pace. Just as children walk and talk at different stages, they also read and write when they are ready. 

Formal reading is not undertaken until year 2 i.e. Senior Infants. 


To use the toilet, wash and dry hands without help. 

To put on and take off his/her coat and do and undo buttons and zips. 

To open and close schoolbags, lunch boxes and drink containers. 

To use a tissue/handkerchief when needed. 

To recognise his/her own belongings.