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Science Week

posted 16 Nov 2012, 09:44 by Stackallen NS Info   [ updated 23 Nov 2012, 08:46 ]
The children carried out numerous experiments this week. The younger children also visited the older classes to see what they were doing.
Junior Infants studied fruit and vegetables! They also saw an erupting volcano made in 3rd class.
Senior Infants looked at absorbancy.
Second class grew their own broad beans and studied the effects of lack of sunlight on plants.
The other classes demonstrated a wide variety of scienific experiments ranging from electric circuits, rockets, volcanoes, fingerprinting, friction and many more!
First class ( and Mr Hoey) went to 5th.
Demonstrating a circuit board. There was great surprise when we discovered that potatoes could produce electricity!
Fingerprinting....Future gardaí ?
Second enjoyed a coke explosion in 6th!
Juniors await a volcanic eruption in Third Class!
Looking slightly puzzled by electro-magnetism !
Studying the effects of vinegar on eggs!
Senior Infants became young scientists with the help of Fourth Class.