Stackallen National School is rural school with a wonderful, vibrant and outgoing philosophy.

Our school seeks to provide a stimulating educational experience for all its pupils. By fostering engaging learning experiences, each child can be enabled to achieve his/her full potential in our school. We seek to achieve this vision in a climate of positivity and co-operation among the whole school community, working in partnership with parents in the interest of the pupils academic and personal development.

Our values are central to our school ethos, they guide the teaching and learning process on a daily basis. We advocate honesty, kindness and good manners. ‘Fios agus Fírinne’ is our school motto found on our school crest. It means knowledge and truth.

Stackallen NS is a Roman Catholic school established with the Minister for Education and Skills which provides a religious education for the pupils in accordance with the practices and traditions of the Catholic Faith.

We have a wonderfully talented and dedicated staff who are committed to ensuring that each child is given the best tools to unlock their full potential, while also encouraging our pupils to embrace and enjoy the opportunities offered to them in their primary school career.