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Friday 8th January 2020.                    

Dear Parents & Guardians,     

                I hope you and your family had a Happy Christmas together.  I wish you all a healthy and safe 2021.

                As you all know by now, we will not be reopening our doors until 1st February at the earliest.   We have our online platforms almost ready to launch and are really looking forward to engaging with our pupils. We will commence our online teaching and learning from Wednesday 13th January.  J.I, S.I., 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class with be using the Seesaw platform.  Our pupils are already very familiar with this platform as they have been engaging with it since September. The teachers will also be conducting Zoom classes with these pupils on a Tuesday and Thursday between 11am and 11.30am.  These on-line classes will be informal chats to see how the pupils are and to talk through any difficulties the pupils might be experiencing with their work. It is also a great chance for our pupils to ‘see’ each other!

                    The pupils in 4th, 5th & 6th Class will be engaging with Google Classroom. They will also be very familiar with this platform as they have been submitting their homework and project work on this platform since September.  Zoom classes for 4th, 5th & 6th Class will take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 11.50am to 12.30pm.  These on-line classes will also take the format of a chat and check-in, but corrections will be carried out and any challenges the pupils are experiencing with the work being assigned will also be discussed.  All Zoom class sessions will commence on Tuesday 19th January.  A Zoom invite will be sent to either your child’s SeeSaw or Google Classroom platform.  As this will be a recurring meeting the same invite will be valid for each Zoom class.

                     We would ask that prior to Wednesday you read and become familiar with our Remote Teaching & Learning Policy, which is on the school website, and that you also discuss its content with your children. Teachers will trust students to behave appropriately online, as they would in their real classroom.  Students’ attire must be suitable, no pyjamas or dressing gowns permitted, and students are asked not to partake in the sessions while in their bedrooms. We would also encourage parents or guardians to be in the room with or nearby their child while they are in the Zoom session with their class and teacher.  A pictorial version of the ‘rules’ has been posted on our Instagram page!


                      Class teachers can be contacted via their email addresses which you have already received.  Emails will only be answered during school hours on Monday to Thursday.   Fridays have been set aside for staff meetings and for planning.  As you will appreciate, a huge amount of planning and research goes into our online platform.


                        We would advise that you set out a simple timetable for each day.  On-line learning is a challenge for pupils.  They are missing their friends, social interaction and engagement so please try not to put too much pressure on them.  Our platforms are however extremely interactive, and the teachers have done an incredible job researching the apps which best suit our pupils needs and our school setting lead by Ms. Lynch, our resident tech guru!


Take care, stay safe and please do not hesitate to contact me or the class teacher directly should you have any questions or queries.


Kind regards,

Rebekah Rafferty


Click the link below to read the policy.